Frances Galligan

Frances Galligan founded TakeForm FX in 2010, while studying Make-up Artistry and Special Make-up Effects at Bradford College. She has been passionate about creature and special make-up effects since 12 years of age. From the age of 16 Frances has been working with an amateur theatre group in Ireland - Insight Theatre Celbridge. She has been involved with the Dublin Zombie Walk since its start in 2010, and worked on various projects including two feature films, Freight (2010)and a film noir style action comedy from the makers of Zomblogalypse , CrimeFighters (2010). Based in Ireland and the UK.

Other projects include a short about Yorkshire folklore based in the 1500s, The Legend of Beggar's Bridge, In November - Short for Annville Films (2012), Blonde - Short for Fail Safe Films (2012) .

Webseries include Zomblogalypse Series 3 and Captain's Blog.


2012, I'D FIGHT GANDI - Music Video, Make-up Artist, Fail Safe Films, Dir. Ian Hunt Duffy.

2012, AIB SFS Video, Make-up Artist, Fail Safe Films, Dir. Ian Hunt Duffy.

2012 EBS SFS Video, Make-up Artist, Fail Safe Films, Dir. Ian Hunt Duffy.

2012, JEDWARD - "Put the Green Cape On" Music Video, Make-up Artist,Caboom, Dir. Damian Farrell.

2012, BLONDE- Short, Make-up Artist, Fail Safe Films, Dir. Allyn Quigley

2012, IN NOVEMBER - Short, Make-up Artist, Annville Films, Dir. Ruairi McKenna.

2011, CHRONICLES OF SYNTAX - Promotional Trailer, Make-up Artist,iDare Productions, Dir. Susan E. Clarke.

2010, TANVEER SANGHA - Bhangra Music Video, Make-up Artist.

2010, ADVANCE E-Training Video, Make-up Artist, Parashoots, Dir. Paul Richardson.

2010, ZOMBLOGALYPSE - Webseries, Special make-up Artist, MilesTone Productions, Miles Watts and Tony Hipwell.

2010, CAPTAIN'S BLOG - Webseries, Make-up Artist, Four D Films, Dir. Arron Dennis.

2009, THE LEGEND OF BEGGAR'S BRIDGE - Short(2010), Head of Make-up and Hair, Eboracum Pictures, Dir. Andrew Davies.

2009, CRIMEFIGHTERS - Feature (2010), Head of Make-up Artist, MilesTone Productions, Dir. Miles Watts.

2009, FREIGHT - Feature (2010), Assistant to the Head of Make-up, 102 productions, Dir. Stuart St.Paul.